New Glistening Free Hydrophobic IOL: ENOVA

VSY Biotechnology is going to launch its new glistening free hydrophobic IOL Enova which is devoloped by VSY Biotechnology R&D team. New product’s range have monofocal C haptic and, monofocal plate haptic and Enova’s preleodad version will be available soon.

Enova is produced in fully automated robotic production line. It is manufactured by mold injection technique, packaged in dry-condition in the state of the art facility with ISO 7 environmental conditions,.

Enova; "The Thinner IOL" has higher refractive index, good biomechanical stability, good elasticity.

Cilinical benefits of Enova are; reduced risk of PCO formation, better adhesion to posterior chamber, less rotational problems, easy to fold, inject and safer unfolding character which gives less pressure on zonules and capsular bag.

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