Acrijet Green
Injector Systems

Acrijet Green

Single use IOL Injection System with Flybridge Technology

  • Smooth and confident cataract surgeries with Flybridge biocoating technology 
  • Three models: Acrijet Green 1.8 , Acrijet Green 2.0, Acrijet Green 2.2 mm 
  • Stable injector body 
  • Locking System 
  • Easy loading system

Acrijet Green with new Flybridge Biocoating Technology helps gliding and ensures  smooth and confident IOL implantation.

  • Acrijet Green 1.8: ≥1.8 mm incision size- Suitable for Micro Incision Cataract Surgery(MICS)
  •   Acrijet Green 2.2: ≥2.2 mm incision size
  • Acrijet Green 2.0 : ≥2.0 mm incision size

Stable injector body secures safe cataract surgery

Locking system assures full control during IOL injection

Easy loading system helps saving time.