VSY Biotechnology announced Health Canada's approval of Reviscon Mono 2% (2.4 ml), a one-time injectable solution for osteoarthritis pain and mobility issues.



VSY Biotechnology GmbH is pleased to announce that Health Canada has approved Reviscon Mono 2% (2.4 ml), a single-injection viscoelastic sodium hyaluronate solution designed to prevent pain and motion limitation associated with osteoarthritis in all synovial joints.

Reviscon Mono 2.0% is a viscoelastic sodium hyaluronate solution for intra-articular injection, presented in a 2.4 ml single-use glass syringe. Each milliliter of Reviscon Mono contains 20.0 mg of sodium hyaluronate, alongside sodium chloride, disodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, and water for injection, meticulously formulated to provide relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

The approval of Reviscon Mono by Health Canada follows its successful market launch in Vietnam earlier this year, as part of the Reviscon IA-HA product range. This marks a significant milestone for VSY Biotechnology as it continues to pursue its mission of broadening the availability of innovative osteoarthritis treatments across the globe.

“Following market approval in Vietnam for the Reviscon IA-HA range earlier this year, Health Canada approval for our trailblazer product Reviscon Mono marks an important next step as we continue to expand the geographic reach of our novel osteoarthritis treatment therapy in Asia Pacific and the Americas. We aim to establish our Reviscon portfolio, especially Reviscon Mono, as the premier single-injection product on the market worldwide,” said Florian Früh, VSY Biotechnology's Global Business Development Manager Orthopedics and a Senior MedTech executive with 25 years of experience in international strategy and commercialization of medical products and services.

This approval not only strengthens VSY Biotechnology's position in the global orthopedics market but also demonstrates the company’s commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals suffering from osteoarthritis through innovative treatment options.

Andreas C. Kuehnel, Board Member, VSY Biotechnology GmbH


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