A New Drug to Treat COVID-19: TR-C 19 at Human Testing Phase

VSY Biotechnology Research Center has developed a strong R&D program in various areas of biotechnology and is now proud to announce its latest achievement: TR-C 19, a drug to treat COVID-19.

At VSY Biotechnology, we are very excited to announce that a new drug, named TR-C 19, has been developed to treat COVID-19 by the VSY Biotechnology R&D team. Studies have shown that TR-C 19 can neutralize the virus isolated under laboratory conditions. Drug is now at the authority approval stage for usage on voluntary COVID-19 patients and clinical trial. Health authorities accelarate their evaluation of TR-C 19 considering public health emergency conditions.

Dr. Ercan Varlibas, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of VSY Biotechnology stated that “At VSY Biotechnology, we have completed many pioneering R&D projects by producing new technologies thanks to our R&D team and innovation power. Our TR-C 19 project is one of the most meaningful projects that we have been developing.”

Clinical and voluntary trials will be organized in partnership with SBU. The initial results of voluntary patient trials will be shared publicly in the coming weeks.