About Us


About Us

VSY Biotechnology GmbH is an innovation driven company with its progressive R&D activities in ophthalmology, orthopedics, aesthetics and biotechnologic drugs. VSY Biotechnology focuses on developing, designing and manufacturing superior state-of-the-art products to serve doctors, patients and consumers beyond their expectations.

VSY Biotechnology is a progressive and innovative company that focuses on consumer satisfaction by creating superior state-of-the-art ophthalmology and orthopedic products designed and manufactured to greatly enhance and improve vision and comfort for a wide range of patients around the globe. Ever since its foundation, quality and safety standards have formed the basis of our success.

To meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals throughout the world, VSY Biotechnology serves more than 60 countries around the globe from our headquarters in Echterdingen, Germany.

With our expertise in biotechnology, we will continue to enlighten the world by combining these disciplines for the benefit of our patients.

Quality Policy

At VSY Biotechnology, each and every day we invest in discovery to make people’s lives better. Therefore, product quality and safety are among our top business priorities. These priorities guide our actions to provide safe, effective, and high-quality products.

We are dedicated to accomplishing our goal of meeting high standards for our products and services. The ISO Quality Management Standard is implemented across our organization, including in the VSY Biotechnology manufacturing plant, and verified by independent third-party certification bodies. All our products proudly bear the CE mark that signifies manufacturing in compliance with international standards.

We continuously challenge ourselves to monitor and analyze quality and productivity, and implement corrective and preventive actions that will ensure our continuing ability to meet high standards, customer expectations, and the demands of patient satisfaction.

The quality of our products reflects our decade of experience, during which we have developed new products while improving the current ones, through the efforts of our passionate staff of R&D professionals.

The VSY Biotechnology brand name on a product or service ensures high standards of quality and compliance with the relevant laws and regulations on which physicians, their patients, and the public can rely.



Producing cutting edge technology products with a high quality mindset, our vision is to become a global company with sustainable growth and to improve the quality of life of our patients.


Our mission is to produce innovative products in the fields of pharma, medical devices, and biotechnology based on sustainable innovation and development as well as to be an inspiration for other companies. We are committed to reaching more and more people and improving their quality of life.

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