Acriva Trinova

Slide Patented Sinusoidal
Trifocal IOL with SVT
- 92% effective light transmission to retina - Outstanding visual outcomes in mesopic conditions - Widest depth of focus

Acriva Trinova

For Cataract and Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) patients

The World's First and Only Sinusoidal Trifocal IOL

Acriva Trinova is the next-generation sinusoidal trifocal IOL designed with stepless zones. Twelve unique ridges create the highest light transmission and optimum light distribution through all optical diameters.
This pattern promises better contrast sensitivity and dynamic visual performance at all distances! Ultra Definition (UD) Aspheric optic and chromatic aberration-free structure leading to Enhanced Depth of Focus (EDOF) provide continuous vision -hence, spectacle independence at all distances. With this know-how, VSY Biotechnology improved EDOF optic design, and now introduces Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT).


What is Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT)?

Acriva Trinova is manufactured with Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT). The SVT is a unique patented technique for producing an IOL optical surface that does not exhibit any sharp edges. It provides the best optical performance in trifocal IOL design. The lens shape is derived from sinusoidal functions and results in smoothly varying surface profiles. Therefore, ideal continuous vision is achieved, as opposed to common traditional overlapping diffraction pattern trifocal IOLs with sharp edges. This concept also helps to reduce halos and scattered light.

Benefits of Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT) ?

Tolerance on
-biometry measurement deviation (±0,75 D post-op refractive suprises)
-slight post-op tilts
-higher kappa angle
Minimized dysphotopsia due to the reduced scattered light

Superior Features of Acriva Trinova

  • 92% effective light transmission to retina
  • Widest depth of focus
  • Excellent MTF results at all distances
  • Outstanding visual outcomes in mesopic conditions

Highest Light Transmission

It is known that overlapping diffractive pattern trifocal IOLs cause significant light loss. Each one percentage of light loss affects patients’ overall visual performance exponentially. Acriva Trinova ensures maximum light transfer, thanks to its stepless diffractive zones. The higher the light transmission, the better the contrast sensitivity!

Comfortable Reading Distances

+3.00D near addition and +1.50D intermediate addition of AcrivaUD Trinova is precisely designed with life quality of the patient in mind. Up to 80 cm reading distance will cover all daily requirements in near and intermediate vision. See the comparison table below.(6,7,8)

Balanced Light Distribution

Light distribution plays a big role in obtaining seamless, continuous vision. Conventional trifocal IOL designs distribute light energy in a ratio such that zones of discontinuity may be noticeable to patients. Acriva Trinova incorporates a unique sinusoidal surface profile with twelve smooth ridges, providing a more continuous light-energy distribution. This leads to remarkable spectacle-free visual competencies not only in photopic, but also in mesopic conditions.(6)

What Experts Say

1 "VSY Biotechnology has introduced Acriva Trinova, the new trifocal IOL with great success. 
Acriva Trinova trifocal IOL manages to give my patients true continuous vision in their most
needed range. It is very well accepted by my patients and I am now confident to offer this
Trifocal IOL to a broader group like myopic and emmetropic patients"
Dr. Johan Blanckaert - Belgium
2 "Acriva Trinova is a great addition to trifocal family. According to my initial experience, it looks like
Acriva Trinova really tolerates ametropia or at least low myopia better than other trifocal lenses.
In addition to that, it provides a continuous vision at all distances. Congratulations to VSY R&D team!
I already implanted Acriva Trinova to many patients and I will present the results at ESCRS Winter
Meeting in Belgrade, Serbia"
Dr. Pavel Stodulka - Czech Republic
3 "I was very curious on the principles of Trinova sinusoidal design and how it would perform. After initial
 patients implanted, I have no doubt that this new concept works very well. In all, unaided distance vision
 was 0.8-1.0. Near vision was clear from 40 cm up to appx. 50-80 cm for comfortable computer work. 
Wavefront measurements on Nidek OPD III showed excellent point spread function. I also liked that,
at the slit lamp, the concentric rings are almost invisible"
Dr. Marko Hawlina - Slovenia
4 "My initial personal experience with Trinova has been very good. My first six patients reported good vision
at all distances, with best near vision at approximately 40 cm. They also had surprisingly good near visual
acuity in a dim environment. The visual performance, although good already on the first day, improved
additionally over the next days, reaching 1.0 and J2 unaided. Insertion was easy, and the lens was well
centered in all cases. This IOL provides comfortable vision at all distances with less adverse visual
phenomena than conventional diffractive IOLs."
Dr. Petra Schollmayer – Slovenia
5 "My first experience with Trinova was in Clear Lens Exchange performed in both myopic eyes of a47-year-old
female patient. Though Pre-operatively her BCVA was 0,8-0,9 (-5,50 D sph), post-op UCVA is 1,1 ! She has come
for a second post-op control (3 days after surgery) driving her own car for 120km, expressing her satisfaction as:
“I wasn’t able to see the license plates of cars before surgery. Now I see clearly at all distances"
Dr. Jan Witkiewicz – Poland
6 "My ­first impression of Acriva Trinova is that it provides excellent seamless vision with comfortable
reading distances. My patients are very happy after the surgery. The post-op results were as good
as expected."
Prof. Dr. Giovanni Alessio - Italy
7 "Our results confirm very good tolerance of this new sinusoidal trifocal IOL, Acriva Trinova, and a quality
of vision without spectacles that meets the expectations of the most demanding patients. Implantation of
the Acriva Trinova enables distance, near, and intermediate vision, without the need for spectacles. Our
experience has shown fast neuroadaptation, ease of implantation, safety, and predictability of results,
ensuring a high level of satisfaction in patients of all ages. These excellent results encourage wider use
of the trifocal intraocular lens Acriva Trinova"
Dr. Tomasz Goździewicz – Poland
8 "After performing one of the first implantations of the Acriva Trinova trifocal IOL in Greece on a young patient (40 years old)
with cataract, I am confident in saying that Acriva Trinova technology allowed my patient to have spectacles-free vision at all
distances without any concerns. The implantation of the Trinova IOL was surgically easy and straight forward to perform.
I will continue to use the Acriva Trinova trifocal intraocular lenses in my practice, as they represent a safe and high-quality
choice for my patients."
Dr. Dimitra M. Portaliou - Greece
9 "Acriva Trinova offers easy implantation, good centration, stable position and high patient satisfaction
with distance, intermediate and near visual acuity as well as all the distances in between. I will confidently
continue implanting this lens to my patients and share the post-op results in the upcoming congresses."
Prof.Dr.Ewa Mrukwa-Kominek - Poland
10 "Acriva Trinova IOL is a diffractive trifocal IOL with original advanced optical design technology named
Seamless Vision Technology (SVT). The IOL can provide a continued clear vision area from near to
distance, and the IOL can also improve typical weak points of diffractive trifocal IOLs such as high light
loss and low contrast sensitivity. After learning their technology, made immediate contact with
VSY Biotechnology BV to introduce the IOL to my patients. Althougt I, as the first to introduce the IOL in
Japan, have started to introduce the IOL to my patients gradually with extreme care and careful consultation,
the initial clinical outcomes have been promising, and the IOL has received impressive satisfaction ratings
from my patients."
Dr. Yusuke Tanabe - Japan
10 "Acriva Trinova has my favorite beautiful sinusoidal surface shape, which I expected to have less halo
and glare. I already implanted Acriva Trinova in many patients, and found it represented no glare and
less halo than expected. I also found that Acriva Trinova satisfactorily provided a continuous vision at
all distances. In addition, Acriva Trinova offers easy surgical implantation, good postoperative centration,
and tolerance on post-operative IOL tilts. Thus, Acriva Trinova is for sure the best candidate for my patients."
Dr. Masanori Hangai - Japan
10 " The new sinusoidal trifocal IOL, Acriva Trinova provides excellent visual outcomes all distances even at
mesopic conditions. New design minimizes dysphotopsia and tolerates post-op minor refractive errors.
I strongly recommend Acriva Trinova to my patients, who want to have spectacle free life. "
Dr. Jérôme Bovet –Switzerland
10 "I implanted this lens in 20 eyes of 10 patients with cataracts. I studied the UCDVA, BCDVA, BCNVA, UCNVA,
Contrast Sensitivity and the presence of glare and halos, pre-op and 1 month post-op. The results showed
excellent visual outcomes with minimal disturbances. I appreciated the Sinusoidal Trifocal Acriva Trinova
lens a lot."
Dr. Andrea Bedei - Italy
10 "I’ve been implanting the new Sinusoidal Acriva Trifocals for 6 months. You’ll be surprised that you could
hardly and the steps on the IOL on the slit lamp examination on postoperative day. That can translate into
almost no glare or halo. The EDOF characteristic of the IOL makes Trinova tolerate to slight tilt and minor
off Refractive target. Some of my patients end up with -0.5D but UCVA at distance is still 20/20 or even
20/16 with full range of vision. The intraoperative OCT has shown that Trinova optic is almost in close
contact with Posterior Capsule, much more than any other multifocal IOL, implying that the ELP is very
accurate and possibility of less PCO. No wonder Trinova is my definite choice for Multifocal IOL."
DR. Pichit Naripthaphan - Thailand
10 "Most of my patients have high myopia. I even implanted 0.0 D Acriva Trinova. The patient satisfaction and
the results are very good. I believe we can target high myopia-patients as well as low myopia cases with this
Sinusoidal Trifocal IOL. Also, with this lens, I don’t receive any complaints from my patiens about halo and glare."
Dr. Minoru Tomita - Japan

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