ESCRS 2018

Join us at 36th Congress of ESCRS between 21-25 September 2018 in Vienna! We are looking forward to sharing information about our new Sinusoidal Trifocal IOL at Booth B510

The World's First And Only Sinusoidal Trifocal IOL

Acriva Trinova is the first and only sinusoidal trifocal IOL designed with Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT) aiming seamless continuous vision at all distances, excellent MTF results and reduced glare/halo. Moreover, Acriva Trinova provides the widest depth of focus and compensates minor post-op refractive errors and slight tilts.

Stepless surface profile provided by Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT) enables the highest light transmission, widest depth of focus, and optimum light distribution through all optical diameters. For more information visit us at ESCRS 2018 in Vienna.

Satellite Symposium

Monday, 24.09.2018   13:00 – 14:00  Lehar 3

Paper Session

Sunday, 23.09.2018   17:45   Room A3, Area 1

Booth Lecture Sessions

Implantation Video of Acriva Trinova

Sinusoidal Trifocal IOL Acriva Trinova ZOF 2018 live discussion

Sinusoidal Trifocal IOL Acriva Trinova ZOF 2018 live discussion

What Experts Say

Dr. Johan Blanckaert

VSY Biotechnology has introduced AcrivaUD TRINOVA, the new trifocal IOL with great success.  AcrivaUD TRINOVA trifocal IOL manages to give my patients true continuous vision in their most needed range. It is very well accepted by my patients and I am now confident to offer this Trifocal IOL to a broader group like myopic and emmetropic patients.

Dr. Jérôme Bovet

The new sinusoisal trifocal IOL, Acriva Trinova provides excellent visual outcomes all distances even at mesopic conditions. New design minimizes dysphotopsia and tolerates post-op minor refractive errors.I strongly recommend Acriva Trinova to my patients, who want to have spectacle free life.

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Alessio

My ­first impression of AcrivaUD Trinova is that it provides excellent seamless vision with comfortable reading distances. My patients are very happy after the surgery. The post-op results were as good as expected.

Dr. Pavel Stodulka

AcrivaUD Trinova is a great addition to trifocal family. According to my initial experience, it looks like AcrivaUD Trinova really tolerates ametropia or at least low myopia better than other trifocal lenses. In addition to that, it provides a continuous vision at all distances. Congratulations to VSY R&D team! I already implanted AcrivaUD Trinova to many patients and I will present the results at ESCRS Winter Meeting in Belgrade, Serbia.

Prof.Dr.Ewa Mrukwa-Kominek

Acriva Trinova offers easy implantation, good centration, stable position and high patient satisfaction with distance, intermediate and near visual acuity as well as all the distances in between. I will confidently continue implanting this lens to my patients and share the post-op results in the upcoming congresses.

Dr. Marko Hawlina

I was very curious on the principles of Trinova sinusoidal design and how it would perform. After initial patients implanted, I have no doubt that this new concept works very well. In all, unaided distance vision was 0.8-1.0. Near vision was clear from 40 cm up to appx. 50-80 cm for comfortable computer work. Wavefront measurements on Nidek OPD III showed excellent point spread function. I also liked that, at the slit lamp, the concentric rings are almost invisible.