Human Resources Policy


In recruitment policies and career planning at VSY Biyoteknoloji (Biotechnology), the principle of providing equal opportunity to people under equal conditions is adopted.
Personnel recruitment criteria are determined in writing and these criteria are followed.
All rights granted to employees are treated fairly.
Training programs are carried out to increase the interest, skills and experience of employees and training policies are established. Within these policies, actions are taken to increase motivation and commitment. Employees are informed about salaries, careers, education and health issues and opinions are exchanged.
Decisions taken or developments concerning the employees in accordance with the strategic objectives shall be notified to the employees or their representatives. In decisions of this nature, information is obtained from the relevant tertiary institutions.
VSY Biyoteknoloji announces the job descriptions of its employees. Efficiency is taken into consideration in determining wages and other benefits given to employees.
Measures are taken to ensure that there is no discrimination between employees, race, religion, language and gender and that employees are protected from physical, mental and emotional abuse within the company.

Selection – Placement

As VSY Biyoteknoloji, we use many channels in the process of selecting the most suitable candidate for our development and change oriented structure. In addition to consultancy services, we aim to reach the right candidate by publishing ads through career portals and our website. In our transparent recruitment processes, competency-based interviews, personality tests and English tests are conducted for adaptation to the corporate culture and rapid adaptation to our structure.
We conduct interviews with interns from vocational high schools and select candidates who want to advance and attach importance to their professional development to our internship program. After graduation, we recruit successful interns to our family.
Candidates who are positive in all interviews and test processes are made a written proposal, and upon completion, the required job entry documents and health tests are completed and the date of work is determined. The reception kit, computer, telephone, if any, and transportation organization are completed until the day of the employee’s work.

Talent Management Process

We apply a report card system throughout the company. Scorecards are prepared within the scope of the main objectives both on company and department basis. Monthly targets and steps are determined with the participation of all departments. In the scoring system, which is formed according to the weights of the targets, the rewarding system determined in case the company targets and department targets are applied.
Within this system, we evaluate the training requests coming to support the employees on the way to their goals and organize the trainings that will create benefits.
At the end of the scorecard evaluations, career paths and goals are determined for our employees. To be included in the career path study, the minimum 2 years in the VSY family and the results of the report card must be at least 80%.

Promotion Process

We attach importance to the suggestions and ideas of our employees. With our online suggestion system, all employees can share their suggestions and these suggestions are evaluated by the relevant committees.
Especially, our blue collar employees have “We Are Listening to You” meetings every week with Human Resources Representative. In addition to technical trainings for all of our staff, we organize monthly “All Together” meetings to support their personal development and share with the training panel on a specified topic.
We have a strong corporate culture where “we are moving forward to the Future together” with the principle of a fair and objective working environment throughout the company.