Sustainability Policy



VSY Biyoteknoloji ve Ilaç Sanayi A.S. (‘’Company’’) has acted with the sense of responsibility and continues its economic development activities by taking environmental, social and governance factors into consideration since it was founded.

The sustainability understanding of company was built on the principle of generating a long-term, innovative and successful business model for future by sharing the core values adopted by company with its employees, shareholders and customers and creating a value for society where it carries on business.

Within the frame of sustainability understanding, the company attaches importance to supporting and developing its production activities with R&D projects, which will minimize the environmental impacts, as well as using the consumable resources and energy efficiently.

Principles of Sustainability

To comply with all national and international laws and regulations to which the Company is liable,

To enhance the corporate performance and raise the production efficiency and profitability,

To adopt the fundamental corporate management principles, primarily ethical values, accountability, anti-bribery and anti-corruption adopted by company, as a corporate culture,

To manage the risks efficiently with a proactive approach and enhance the entire business processes continuously,

To create a work environment convenient to employees and offer equal opportunities for them,

To encourage the employees to active participation and ensure a strong and open communication environment,

To act with the principle of zero accident by adhering to occupational health and safety laws and regulations,

To maintain continuity of customer satisfaction with a customer-oriented approach,

To ensure the information security and business continuity in the activities conducted,

To manage the relations with all stakeholders in an honest, transparent and clear manner,

To aim at being pioneer and innovator in its sector through innovation and R&D activities,

To develop the relations with suppliers as a business associate based on mutual respect, responsibility and fair sharing,

To use the energy efficiency and protect the environment and natural resources,

To give information on environmental issues and climate change to all stakeholder and give support to raising social awareness,

To share the practices of sustainable environmental policy with the public in a transparent manner.

Please click here to access Sustainable Development and Corporate Sustainability Report for the year 2018.