Trinova lenses cease eyeglasses need: VSY Biotechnology

Over past eight years, 3 million people have been implanted VSY Biotechnology intraocular lenses through cataract surgeries, says CEO Ozge Altunbas Goktekin

Acriva Trinova lenses not only manage cataract, but also provides continuous sight on near, mid, far and intermediate ranges, CEO of the Netherlands based company VSY Biotechnology said.

“Thus, Trinova cease eyeglasses dependency,” Ozge Altunbas Goktekin told Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview.

“Because of its special design, Acriva Trinova leads 92 percent of the light into retina with very high efficiency, making it easier to see even in dimly-lit places and preventing halos or light distribution,”

Goktekin stated that VSY Biotechnology develops eye technologies on a global scale with its innovative projects, adding:

“Distinguished with its sinusoidal optical structure and seamless vision technology production technique, we’ve made patent applications worldwide for our Acriva Trinova lenses.”

Noting the mission of VSY, she said: “It is to develop the best products with advanced technology through high quality standards in order to enhance people’s life quality.”

Goktekin stressed that in line with the company’s sustainable growth strategy, VSY products have been used in around 60 countries — including Germany, Japan, Brazil, Philippines, Russia and South Africa.

“Over the past eight years, 3 million people have been implanted VSY Biotechnology branded intraocular lenses through cataract surgeries,” she said. “And by that, we mean millions of people are able to see perfectly again.”

“VSY Biotechnology have come to the aid of those people with the lenses designed and made in its own R&D department,” Goktekin said, adding: “We keep working with the aim of producing excellent products with our innovative R&D projects and strong manufacturing capability.”

VSY Biotechnology is a progressive and innovative company that focuses on consumer satisfaction by creating superior state-of-the-art ophthalmology and orthopedics products designed and manufactured to greatly enhance and improve vision and comfort for a wide range of patients around the globe.

Product portfolio includes intraocular lenses to treat cataract and refractive errors like presbyopia, astigmatism and ocular problems, as well as injector and cartridge systems and viscoelastics for ophthalmology and orthopedics. Starting from foundation to today, quality and safety standards are the

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