VSY Biotechnology Intraocular Lenses Give Clear Vision to 3 Million People

VSY Biotechnology Chairman Ercan Varlıbaş, M.D., visits the ASCRS Annual Meeting in Washington. Each year his company exports cataract lenses worth millions of dollars, VSY Biotechnology intraocular lenses have helped 3 million of people with eye problems, around the world to achieve clear vision.

Dr. Ercan Varlıbaş, Chairman of VSY Biotechnology, recently visited the American Cataract and Refractive Surgery Association (ASCRS) Annual Meeting and Scientific Session in Washington, D.C. During his visit, Dr. Varlıbaş talked with Anadolu Agency reporter.

Dr. Varlıbaş expressed what an honor it was for VSY Biotechnology to participate in the annual event, “In the past eight years, VSY Biotechnology’s intraocular lenses have been implanted into the eyes of 3 million people through cataract surgeries, enabling them to see clearly again. VSY Biotechnology has brought light to their eyes with lenses designed and manufactured at its R&D.”

VSY Biotechnology entered the industry 20 years ago by acquiring franchises of foreign companies and started producing its own lenses in 2009. Dr. Varlıbaş emphasized that VSY Biotechnology is ranked 12th among the world’s top eye biotech companies by Market Scope, the leading source for market data in today’s ophthalmic marketplace.

Dr. Varlıbaş stated that VSY Biotechnology launches a new product internationally every year. “For instance at this meeting, are launching the Acriva Trinova, our new cataract lens. We have also filed a patent application for this lens around the world. Unlike other lenses, Acriva Trinova does not have stepped zones, so patients receive continuous vision at near, intermediate, and everywhere in between. It is one of the biggest innovations being presented at this meeting.”

Dr. Varlıbaş added that patients wearing these lenses do not need glasses to read, watch television, or see signs from a distance. “Thanks to an Acriva Trinova implemented through a cataract surgery, an almost completely visually impaired patient of 80 years old can have the vision of an 18 year old.”

Dr. Varlıbaş emphasized that VSY Biotechnology products are used in nearly 60 countries. “We are helping millions of people around the world to see more clearly.”

Dr. Varlıbaş pointed out the company’s great success in just 10 years. During which his company has become a major international player. “Doctors acknowledge the quality of our  technology because they’ve been using VSY Biotechnology products for a decade. They confirm our staying power in this industry, based on the trust we have built up through successful results.”