VSY Biotechnology Meets with European Ophthalmologists

Offering its product scope to more than 60 countries from Germany to Japan, Brazil to South Korea, Spain to South Africa, VSY Biotechnology is still going on to take part in most of the world’s most important congresses. VSY Biotechnology participated in DOC 2019 which was held in Germany, Nuremberg Convention Center between May 23-25, 2019. VSY Biotechnology representatives gathered with European ophthalmologists to exchange information.

Özge Altunbaş Göktekin, CEO of VSY Biotechnology, indicated that VSY Biotechnology, a global company headquartered in Netherlands, participates in important congresses and exhibitions all over the world and said the following with regard to their international networks: “As VSY Biotechnology, we have offices in Netherlands, Germany, Spain, India and Turkey. We also export to more than 60 countries. VSY Biotechnology is growing continuously by increasing its market share.”

Created A Tremendous Impression Throughout The World With The Next Generation IOL

Ms. Göktekin, CEO, provided information about VSY Biotechnology’s new intraocular lens Acriva Trinova which created impression throughout the world featuring superior vision at all distances. She expressed the superior features of Acriva Trinova over the conventional intraocular lenses as follows:

“Acriva Trinova intraocular lens provides solution to cataracts and puts an end to spectacle dependency. Patients who are implanted with Trinova through a minimally surgical operation can get rid of both cataracts and visual impairments such as myopia, hypermetropia. Trinova offers a high visual acuity by minimizing commonly observed post-operative halos and glare due to scattered light, thanks to its optical structure and helps improving people’s quality of life. Trinova improves visual quality and therefore life quality of the patients by its sinusoidal vision technology that is superior to other trifocal IOL technologies.”