VSY Biotechnology GmbH is proud to announce a significant achievement in the German market. Protectalon, one of VSY Biotechnology’s in-house produced Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Device (OVD) products, has emerged as a preferred choice in one out of every ten cataract surgeries in the country.

Hans Jürgen Thier, the Country Manager of VSY Biotechnology GmbH in Germany, where he is based in, expressed his pride in the widespread adoption of Protectalon in the country's cataract surgeries. However, he emphasized that this achievement is just the beginning. Thier stated, "While it's gratifying to witness Protectalon being used in one out of every ten cataract surgeries in Germany, we are determined to aim higher. Our Bio-Fermented HA feature in Protectalon positions it as the highest quality OVD, and we are confident it will continue its rapid growth trend, leading to even greater successes."

Andreas C. Kühnel, the Managing Director at VSY Biotechnology, said: “VSY Biotechnology's Protectalon OVD holds a global share of 7% in the cataract surgery market and continues to expand its presence due to its exceptional quality. Protectalon’s expanding presence within the global cataract surgery landscape is a clear reflection of its superiority and the trust it has garnered among healthcare professionals and patients alike.”

VSY Biotechnology GmbH has made remarkable strides in the competitive German cataract market. Through the diligent efforts of a dedicated sales team and effective marketing strategies, the company has secured a substantial market share. This has been made possible by establishing strong relationships with valued distributors, enabling VSY Biotechnology to serve a diverse range of customers, including resellers, private clinics, and renowned hospitals, who place their trust in VSY Biotechnology products.

Another key factor that sets VSY Biotechnology GmbH apart is its unwavering commitment to innovation. Continuously developing cutting-edge products, the company has redefined the standards of cataract surgery, gaining recognition in the industry.

VSY Biotechnology GmbH looks forward to a future where Protectalon's impact on cataract surgery continues to grow, driven by a commitment to innovation, dedication, and the unwavering support of its valued customers and partners.

In addition to its growing share in the OVD market, VSY Biotechnology is also gearing up to broaden its IOL portfolio with the upcoming launch of the Enova AdvancedTM Non-Diffractive Hydrophobic EDoF IOL. This state-of-the-art IOL has been designed with VSY Biotechnology’s proprietary 100% Glistening Free IOL material, developed in-house, highlighting the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries and raising the bar in eye care technology.